Matias will demo its Half Keyboard at Macworld Conference and Expo, San Francisco next month.

The Half Keyboard is built for single, left-handed touch-typing, it leaves the right hand free to control a mouse or pen.

The keyboard is the left half of a standard keyboard. The user types with their left hand, just like touch-typing on a normal keyboard. For the letters of the missing (right) half, simply hold down the spacebar and then do the same finger movement normally done by the other hand. It costs $99.

The company will also offer a glance at its wearable ($199) Half Keyboard, this turns a Palm OS unit into an inexpensive wrist-worn computer.

Mac minded Company founder, Edgar Matias said: "I'm personally very proud to have the Half Keyboard available on the Macintosh platform. The idea was conceived in 1984, the same year the Mac debuted, and the very first prototypes were implemented on a Macintosh 512. Without the Mac, I wouldn't be here today."

Macworld Expo San Francisco 2001 starts on Tuesday January 9. Macworld will, of course, be there in force to bring you all the news as it happens – from new Macs at Steve Jobs' keynote to product launches and industry announcements. Go to for all the latest developments.