Macworld readers have only four days left to register for discounted entry to the Macworld Conference and Expo 2000, to be held in New York, July 19 - 21.

The deadline for discounted registration is June 19.

The Expo 2000 will feature a keynote speech from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and a series of workshops, classes and conferences for all interests and skill levels of Macintosh users. These workshops are followed by a series of Macworld/Pro conference seminars for professional users, on five subjects - Macintosh Networking and Communications; Digital Video and Streaming Media; Advanced Tools for Mac professionals; Special Art Directors Day; and The Mac Manager.

Exhibitors this year will include 3dfx, Adobe, and Quark. A full exhibitors list is available on the Macworld Expo Web site.

UK readers making the trip can save $100 on the on-site registration process by registering online before June 19.