AverMedia Microsystems announced DVPresenter, FireWire video-compression software that mirrors computer screen images to TVs, projectors or other video display and recording devices.

A USB version of the product - USBPresenter - was launched in July and will ship in the UK in “about a month”, AverMedia told Macworld. The Presenter product line is designed for corporate training, sales and educational presentations.

It uses video-compression technology to mirror and transfer image-data, and offers video display at 30 frames per second. It supports all available resolutions offered on Macs, and has output to NTSC or PAL video source.

Also showing at AverMedia’s Expo booth was ImaxEdit, a USB device for video editing and transferring video images between G3 Macs and TV or video devices.

It has video In and Out, and comes with editing software for enhancing video clips, that can then be transferred from the Mac to the video device. Like the Presenter products, it can be used to mirror computer images to TV screens for presentations. This is also due to ship in the UK next month.

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