Wired has announced the FireWired AV and FireWired DV - products which offer extra utility to those working with video for the Web.

Wired - bought last month by Media 100 - is is targeting Web-content creators with its releases, which are set to consolidate its strong position in the burgeoning streaming-media market.

FireWired DV is a peripheral that converts analogue to digital-video format - and vice-versa. It takes analog video sources - such as older Video cameras, VHS or Hi8 tapes - and converts the signals to DV for archiving or editing. Video fed into the device is converted into digital in real time.

FireWired AV captures uncompressed video for use with editing and encoding systems.

Wired CEO Tom Burke said: “The accelerated adoption of DV camcorders and DV editors has exposed the problem of there not being an easy way to integrate analogue content.”

In the US, FireWired AV is priced at $299, and FireWired DV costs $499.

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