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Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo 2001 keynote:

iMacs - 'We wanted the new iMac to be perfect for you and I think we got pretty close. We hope you love it as much as we do.'
- Sold 6 million iMacs in three years.
- New iMac is 'ultimate digital hub'.
- 15-inch LCD screen. Same viewing area as 17-inch CRT display.
- 'Official death of the CRT.'
- Contains G4 running at 700MHz or 800MHz.
- Top-end model ships with SuperDrive.
- 'Passionately believe consumer computers should be all-in-ones.'
- 'We decided to let each element be true to itself.'
- 'New iMac has superior ergonomics than anything the industry has ever built.'
- Screen swivels 180-degrees.
- Base is roughly the height of a CD jewel case.
- 'Base is 10.5 inches diameter, includes SuperDrive, hard disk and power supply.
- Upgradeable via the base's removable bottom. Holds up to 1GB RAM.
Three models: - The entry-level 700MHz G4 iMac - for a suggested retail price of £1,149 including VAT (£978 excluding VAT) - includes: a CD-RW optical drive; 128MB RAM; and a 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive.
- The mid-level 700MHz iMac - for a suggested retail price of £1,299 including VAT (£1,105 excluding VAT) - includes: a DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo optical drive; 256MB RAM; a 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive; and Apple Pro Speakers.
- The top-end 800MHz iMac - for a suggested retail price of £1,599 including VAT (£1,360 excluding VAT) – includes a DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive optical drive; 256MB RAM; a 60GB Ultra ATA hard drive; and Apple Pro Speakers.
- 'We're going into high-volume production this quarter on all models and are taking orders from today.'

iPhoto - Fourth digital-hub application, after iTunes, iDVD and iMovie.
- Free download for Mac OS X owners. Available from today.
- Allows Macintosh users to save, organize and share digital stills. 'Shoot it, save it, share it' - Apple iPhoto TV ad.
- Launches automatically.
- One-button organization of digital stills.
- Precise cropping functionality, including crop-restrain feature.
- iPhoto Print panel offers optimized, under-the-hood print set-ups.
- Thumbnailed photo archives can be reduced or enlarged or viewed in film-roll mode.
- Provides 'playlists for pictures'.
- Offers colour-to-monochrome feature.
- Slideshow feature allows for cross-dissolves between stills.
- Ability to post iPhoto-authored content online using iTools.
- Can order multiple print-sizes online from within iPhoto.
'One-click shopping for photographs.'
- Six customizable photo-books can be created in iPhoto, thanks to built-in page-layout feature. 'Page layout for mere mortals.' A hardback version can then be ordered online from iPhoto's Share menu.

Strategy - 'Our strategy has been to Innovate, while most of our competitors have been restructuring, retrenching and laying off thousands of people.'
- 'The IMac is the first of our computers designed from the ground up to fit into our digital hub. We believe that the digital hub is the future of the PC.'

iBooks - $1,299 model down by $100
- New 14-inch iBook. Weighs 5.9lbs. Costs $1,799

Mac OS X - From today, all new Macs ship with Mac OS X as default boot-up operating system. OS 9 will still ship in the box.
- 2,500 Mac OS X applications have shipped to date.

iTunes - 8 million copies of iTunes distributed to date.

Adobe Photoshop for OS X - Will include spell-checking capability.

Final Cut Pro 3.0 for OS X - Real-time effects engine offers real-time play-back, titling, colour correction.
- Works on PowerBooks

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