Enthusiastic Japanese Macintosh users are running a live streaming video service from Macworld Tokyo 2002.

Members of the MacDTV mailing list have joined forces to run Macworld Streaming.net. The service began webcasting from the Expo yesterday morning with coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech.

As part of the service, the team have constructed a unique portable live broadcasting solution.

It's built around a portable luggage trolley worn on the cameraman's back. This trolley contains a video camera pointing ahead of the cameraman, a screen hanging around his neck directed forward to show interviewees what is on camera and a second screen on the rear.

The video camera signal also acts as the operator's eyes as he wears a head-mounted monitor that displays the image.

The video is passed through a G4 PowerBook. The signal is then transmitted via a Wireless Local Area (AirPort) Network (LAN) back to stand 204, the temporary home of Macworld Streaming.net. The wireless LAN link gives the roaming cameraman a range of around 100 metres.

Live broadcasts happen three times a day, at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm Japan time (03:00, 05:00 and 07:00 GMT). The site is also offering on-demand video consisting of show reports and interviews.

"We did some live broadcasting last year and this year we wanted to concentrate on on-demand video," said team-member, Ryo Fukutani.