MicroNet Technology is squaring up to the opposition with the SANcube, the industry's first FireWire SAN (storage area network) storage solution. The SANcube server-less storage network delivers extremely fast connectivity, up to 220GB online, with prices starting at under $1,500.

SANcube is engineered for Mac-based digital content creators who work with and transfer large mission-critical graphics files on Power Mac G3/G4 and iMac DV systems with built-in FireWire. Providing faster-than-typical network performance, SANcube delivers 30MB/sec. data throughput - a transfer rate "up to ten times faster" than typical Macintosh-based 100base-T networks, according to MicroNet.

SANcube consists of a compact, centralized "data cube" incorporating up to six high performance IBM hard drives yielding a capacity up to 220GB of online storage. Stylishly designed, SANcube measures just 10 inches "cubed," weighs less than 25 lbs, and visually complements the design of Apple's newest systems. Users simply plug SANcube into their Mac systems with built-in FireWire. Since SANcube is stackable and hot-pluggable, the system expands and reconfigures easily as workgroup storage requirements increase. Older Macs can be supported with third party FireWire cards.

Users can configure SANcube as a single volume by striping the data (RAID 0) across the drives for enhanced performance and capacity, or duplicate or mirror the data (RAID 1) at high speeds for increased data protection.

Targeted at Mac-based pre-press, desktop video, and multimedia markets, SANcube speeds workflow in collaborative workgroups where large digital files are manipulated by several individuals throughout the creative process.

"Apple's Power Mac G3, Power Mac G4 and iMac DV are the perfect computers for the desktop video revolution," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "MicroNet's SANcube gives users the amount of storage they need to create and distribute their digital video products."

SANcube will ship in March 2000, with prices starting at $1,499 for the 70GB single-user system, $2,149 for the 100GB two-user, $2,699 for the 150GB two-user and $3,899 for the 220GB four-user version.

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