Macworld Expo Tokyo 2003 has been cancelled IDG World Expo has confirmed.

Despite the cancellation, the chance remains that local Far East Apple shows will take place in the future.

MacCentral reports an IDG spokesperson saying: "IDG World Expo Japan made a decision to cancel the show because of not receiving applications from major exhibitors by the time of deadline.

"However, IDG World Expo Japan is planning future specialized conferences focused on specific topics, issues and categories for Mac users in 2003."

Macworld Expo Tokyo hosted 180,000 attendees last year. Apple has launched several products at the show, including: the 23-inch Cinema Display HD; updated iMacs; and Bluetooth support.

An IDG World Expo spokesperson explained: "Apple continues to move show-to-show, so is focusing only on Macworld Expo San Francisco. They have not given us word yet on their participation in Macworld Expo New York, but discussions are ongoing."

It is possible Apple may be moving to reduce its presence at large Mac events, she suggested. "I'm guessing they won't make their decision about Macworld Boston until 2004," she said.