On top of its new portables, Apple used Macworld Expo Tokyo to increase the performance of its Power Mac G4 line with faster processors running at up to 500MHz. Pricing remains unchanged, starting at £1,099.

Apple claims that the new 500MHz Power Mac G4 runs professional applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, "over 50 per cent faster" than 800 MHz Pentium III-based PCs.

“The Power Mac G4 is the tool of choice for creative professionals,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Not only is it the fastest Mac ever, it’s the fastest personal computer ever.”

New line-up The G4 is available in the following standard configurations:

An entry-level £1,099 Power Mac G4 runs at 400MHz with 64MB of RAM, 10GB Ultra ATA/66 hard drive, and a built-in V.90 56K modem.

A £1,699 Power Mac G4 runs at 450MHz with 128MB of RAM, 20GB Ultra ATA/66 hard drive, ZIP drive, and built-in V.90 56K modem.

A 500MHz Power Mac with 256MB of RAM, 27GB Ultra ATA/66 hard drive, and ZIP drive costs £2,349. For £5,148, this model is available with Apple's 22-inch flat-panel Cinema Display (pictured).

All G4 Power Macs boast 1MB level 2 backside cache, ATI RAGE 128 Pro AGP 2X graphics card with 16MB video SDRAM, DVD-RAM drive with DVD-Video playback, FireWire and USB ports, and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet. In addition, all G4 models support Apple’s AirPort wireless-networking solution.