Umax Technologies today announced PowerLook 1100, a Macintosh and PC scanner that supports FireWire/IEEE-1393 standards.

FireWire and IEEE-1394 are bus architectures that allow peripherals, PCs and set-top boxes to communicate.

Priced beginning at US$999, the PowerLook 1100 eliminates some of the difficulties associated with scanners based on the SCSI design, according to a statement from Umax. For example, the PowerLook 1100 does not require parallel port data pass-through adaptors or pre-assigned addresses.

The PowerLook 1100 features 1,200-x-2,4000 dots-per-inch resolution, a transparency adaptor, auto-detect frame holder for automatic scanning of up to twelve 35mm slides, and batch scanning capabilities, according to Umax. It delivers hot-pluggable connectivity without the need for a host card and can be connected to multiple Macs, the company said.

The scanner will be available later in the first quarter and is designed for use on systems with a FireWire/IEEE-1394 port, including the Apple Power Mac G4 and G3, the iMac DV, and systems running Windows 2000 and Windows 98 second edition, the company said.