Quark has released a public beta of QuarkXPress Passport 5.0 – the European version of XPress 5.0 – for its international users.

The release – which supports 11 languages, such as English, Italian and French – comes just weeks after Quark released a preview beta of its US version. The beta is available now for download.

Media publishing Jurgen Kurz, Quark's vice president of product management, said: "QuarkXPress 5.0 is a key component of our strategy for media-independent publishing. It's a single application that publishers can use to create content for print, Web, eBooks, and more.

"It's critical that tools and processes converge for publishing businesses to remain competitive. QuarkXPress 5.0 helps publishers cut costs by giving them a single tool to deploy content to multiple media."

The company believes that the addition of Web-publishing features to its already dominant DTP application will consolidate its position as the industry-standard publishing solution.

Merging workflows Brett Mueller, senior product manager at Quark, said: "Our customers have asked us for a Web-design tool that works like QuarkXPress. That's becoming increasingly important as more and more publishers try to cut their costs by merging their print and Web workflows.

"QuarkXPress 5.0 is a true design environment that now has interactive tools for the Web. Empowering print designers to take their rich skills to the Web will raise the bar on Web design."

New features in XPress 5.0 include a Tables tool, which can support type or graphics. The Layers feature lets users isolate items on separate "tiers" within XPress documents, so publishers can manage document variants "quickly and easily".

Additional new features include a more efficient print-user interface, enhanced PDF support, contextual menus and improved colour management. The application can also import and export multiple file formats, including HTML, PDF and XML.

The company hasn't announced the price or shipping date for the final version of the application.