Half (50 per cent) of Macworld Online readers taking part in this week's poll say that if Apple only announces one thing at next week's Apple Expo Paris, it should be the G5 iMac.

It is widely anticipated that Apple will deliver a new iMac with a G5 processor at the show. The company admitted that the production of the next generation iMac was behind schedule back in June and announced then that the new model would be ready in September. Apple VP Phil Schiller's keynote speech appars the ideal opportunity to unveil the new model.

However, not all readers will mind if Apple doesn't unveil the long awaited new Mac at the Expo. Nearly a fifth (16 per cent) would much rather hear of price reductions, allowing them the opportunity to finally fulfil their dream of owning a new Mac or iPod.

Pent-up demand

For 13 per cent of readers news of a new iMac would be secondary to news that there will be no more delay in shipping their G5 Power Mac. The supply constraints of the G5 chip, manufactured by IBM, have meant that many Apple customers have had to wait weeks, or even months, to get their hands on their new machines. Many readers expect similar delays with the G5 iMac.

But Apple shouldn't be held entirely accountable for the G5 delays, as one reader says: "Everything Apple does hinges on IBM sorting out their production issues."

Another 9 per cent of readers would prefer to hear Apple announce a Tablet Mac. A patent application by Apple recently emerged hinting that the company might have such a device up its sleeve. The patent application made this May includes sketches of what looks like a tablet-style iBook screen.

Despite CEO Steve Jobs' protestations that there is no market for such a device, 5 per cent of readers would like to see Apple unveil a video iPod.

For 6 per cent of readers Apple will have to pull something really different out of the bag for them to be truly impressed. Suggestions on the forum include a G5 PowerBook, a new version of AppleWorks, an XSAN for professional users and a remote control for the AirPort Express.