The iTunes Music Store habits of Macworld Online readers are revealed in this week's poll. By combining the results it is possible to calculate that 71 per cent of our readers visit the store every month.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of voters visit the iTunes Music Store twice a week, 15 per cent once a week, 14 per cent a few times a month, 9 per cent once a day, and another 6 per cent go there more than once a day.

The store is visited by 8 per cent of voters less than once a month and 22 per cent never visit.

Talk, talk

The forum offers an interesting insight into the habits of frequent users:

"I visit the store most days, just to see what's added," one forum poster wrote. Another visits "Two or three times a week, usually I just browse, occasionally I buy", he explains. "I visit a couple of times a week now that the honeymoon is over," says another.

Apple's New Music Tuesday's is a pull for one reader: "I normally visit once a week on Tuesday when there's a new free track," he admits.

In ancient times

Once at the Store, Macworld readers taking part in the forum are more likely to "go on a nostalgia trip searching for the tracks of my youth" than download the latest hits. "I'm far to old for that," says one, another adds: "I didn't know that there were hits these days."

For some frequent users, compiling iMixes is a popular way of passing the time on the Music Store. "It's good to share my excellent taste," says one, but another observes: "Last time I tried to publish my playlists iTunes was only able to provide 20 per cent of the tracks."

There's a warning to traditional brick-&-mortar stores. Despite the limitations of the iTunes catalogue, forum respondents say they spend more money at the iTunes store than they do in their local music store, with one exception.

"It's cheaper to buy the actual CDs – I can get most of the ones I'm after for £5 or under. So far I've only used iTunes for the free stuff," they observed.