Macworld readers are up in arms following a recently-screened advertisement for The Times on Saturday newspaper.

At issue is a section in the ad where a small child is seen guiding his father around a PC shop listing all the things he knows he wants in a computer. One of the lines in the ad is "I know I want a PC, not a Mac".

The Times, which belongs to Australian media conglomerate News International, was running an ad to boost sales of its newspaper on Saturday November 4, which carried a PC supplement that day.

Macworld Forum poster Andy Barton said: "I thought that this kind of anti-advertising was illegal under UK law."

Investigation David Millar, Apple UK's PR manager, said: "We are looking into this. We have spoken with the Times, and have requested a transcript of the ad."

The laws regarding advertising of this nature in the UK rest on whether negative statements about particular products are made as statements of fact, or of opinion. However, a mechanism also exists by which television viewers can register their protests to particular TV ads. The Independent Television Commission (ITC) exists to license and regulate commercial television in the UK.

Television viewers are entitled to complain to the ITC about programmes, sponsorship or advertising that offends them. Macworld reader Hugo said: "Why doesn't someone provide the details of the ad, and we can all complain and get revenge about the Times' ad!"

The Times and Sunday Times have not responded to Macworld's request for comment, but the Sunday Times did run an article last month that some feel was anti-Mac. Sunday Times writer, and former Mac fan, David Hewson used his Sounding Off column to pen an attack on the company.

Macintosh users were quick to fire back their responses to Hewson's anti-Apple column. Read some of their views here.