Macworld Online readers were divided over a poll asking: "Is Apple right to focus on the digital hub?"

Just over half of Macworld Online readers think Apple's focus on the digital hub alienates professional users – 56 per cent replied: "No, it forgets pro users."

But 44 per cent of the 731 respondents disagreed, saying: "Yes, that's where the money is."

One reader attempted to placate the pro users: "The digital hub is not only for consumers. Pro users can use these applications."

Another advised: "The best way to increase Apple's market share is to appeal to the PC World shoppers, and convert them to a better, easier-to-use platform by showing them what you can do on a Mac.

"Professional users are the guys in the know, concentrating on them would be preaching to the converted. Apple will never forget them, but it needs to look at the bigger picture."

"It isn't one or the other," was one reader's comments. "There is technology transfer and development in both directions."

One respondent said: "Home users today are the professional users of tomorrow. However, if Apple dominate the pro sector, it shouldn't let it go at any cost. Turning it back around will be more difficult than just maintaining the status quo."

One reader cynically retorted: "Digital hub – what a contradiction. Record companies are trying to prevent CDs being played in PCs, and digital-TV signals are encrypted – so that does away with digital hub."

Another reader took the middle ground, saying: "Surely Apple can focus on the digital-hub idea for home users, and still support Pro users? Isn't there enough Apple for all of us."