Macworld Online readers want FireWire 2, the next version of the connectivity standard, as soon as possible.

68 per cent of respondents to a poll asking: "When do we want FireWire 2?" responded "now". 28 per cent of the 413 polled, said they could wait. Three per cent of respondents are indifferent.

LaCie announced plans to be the first to market with FireWire 2/1394b products, offering data-transfer speeds of 800Mbps last week.

First LaCie has purchased the first shipment of FireWire 2 (1394b) bridges from manufacturer Oxford Semiconductor.

IEEE1394b is the next-generation for FireWire. It offers data-transfer speeds of 800Mbps, against the 400Mbps of the current implementation of FireWire.

The standard is backward compatible and manufacturing costs are said to be cheaper.

One reader couldn’t contain his enthusiasm: "Sod broadband, let's go FireWire everything; FireWire phones, Hi-Fis, fridges, washing machines, cookers and cars."

Another said: "What do we want? FireWire 2, when do we want it? Now."

One frustrated voter said: "I've been waiting for bloody two years. Come on Apple."

One voter claimed to "rather have egg and chips please".

"FireWire 2 would just boost the price of hardware even more. I think that the G4 is expensive enough," was one respondent's thoughts.

Apple, the original developer of FireWire is likely to be hot of LaCie's heels.