Almost half of Macworld Online readers will upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2 – codenamed Jaguar – on its release, according to a poll conducted on the site.

49 per cent of respondents said they would buy Mac OS X 10.2 on August 24 – its issue date.

One anonymous reader commented: "Time to dive in."

Another said: "Quartz extreme, spring loaded folders, built in finder search – hell yes."

News of the £99 levy for Mac OS X 10.2 has attracted hostility from some Macintosh users, who question Apple's right to charge for the upgrade after already charging £100 for Mac OS X.

A further 41 per cent of respondents were prepared to wait and see. "Will buy when early faults are corrected," was one reader's reaction. Another said: "Can't afford it, perhaps in six months."

10 per cent of the 1,265 polled were prepared to pay for the upgrade – grudgingly. One reader challenged: "You 49 per cent will soon change your minds when you have read the list of incompatibilities and problems with Jaguar."