Frank Warren TV is teaming up with Macxtreme to offer live online boxing coverage.

Coverage of the Ricky Hatton-Ben Tackie bout from Manchester will take place on Saturday December 13. The four-hour broadcast costs £1.50, as long as viewers sign up before 11.59pm on December 12. After that time the charge is £3.

Macxtreme's Kevin Opie said: "This is the first time a sporting event has been broadcast in this way since the Sydney Olympics."

"We will be using Quicktime software technology and Apple G5 Hardware to broadcast live to millions of viewers all over the world," Opie explained.

Although Frank Warren TV will be unable to broadcast the match – Sky TV has the rights – the company will broadcast live footage of Ricky Hatton in his preparation for the clash, live ringside interviews, and Warren will be providing a live commentary throughout the match.

Opie added: "We will also have a camera in Ricky Hatton's changing room giving those watching a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes".

Free reruns of the Hatton-Tackie and Witter-Pinto world championship fights will be offered for 72 hours following the match.

A Frank Warren TV spokesman said: "This is an amazing deal for more than four hours of live boxing that won't be broadcast anywhere else in the world".

Opie said: "We are very pleased to be part of this opportunity, that will capture the attention of many Internet viewers and broadcasters. It wont take long for other large events to harness this technology creating a new level of viewing experience"

Opie also announced plans to present other live sports events and a weekly live newsround-up show in Quicktime next year.