Human Software has introduced MagicTrack version 1.0, a Photoshop plug-in for Power Macs.

MagicTrack provides a full-fledged set of drawing and text-manipulation tools - including text flow and text or path warping. Special effects can be applied to paths, helping create effects quickly. Straightforward button controls let users apply complex effects to a title, or graphic, in a few clicks.

MagicTrack's interface offers a large preview, and unlimited zooming anywhere on the working area, at any level of detail. MagicTrack 1.0 supports the Photoshop 3.0 and later filter-plug-in standard, and is compatible with a number of other applications. The software boasts over 250 effects, that can be selected by browsing the thumbnail previews, or by choosing an effect from the list.

MagicTrack effects include Tubular 3D effects, Fire on text, natural flower-sprays and more. The software ships on CD with a royalty-free library of 120 Hi-Res scanned images.

MagicTrack costs £99, and can be ordered direct from the Human Software Web site. Human Software products are distributed Digital Toolbox (0208 896 5600).