Emagic announced its music-production solution for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo.

Currently in beta testing, the suite consists of Logic Audio 5.0, with drivers for the Unitor8 MkII, AMT8 and MT4 MIDI interfaces and the EMI 2|6 audio interface. The product is scheduled for release in September.

Logic Audio 5.0 combines digital-audio recording and editing with digital-signal processing, MIDI sequencing and music notation into one application.

Dr Gerhard Lengeling, Emagic founder said: "It was important for us to support Apple's new driver concept for MIDI and audio hardware because it's the best way to use recording programs with OS X.”

Emagic's suite will support many features new to Mac OS with X, including memory protection, transparency support, real-time window sliding and better memory management.

Apple's new vice president of worldwide developer relations Ron Okamoto said: "This new collection of tools offers full integration of OS X audio technologies, and raises the bar for music and audio production and post-production on the Mac."

The drivers are being developed to fully support Mac OS X's newly developed MIDI and audio standards.