Bare Bones Software has released Mailsmith 1.5, an email client for Mac OS X and OS 9.x.

Features include an all-new filter creation process that lets users define the criteria for transferring messages in a single step. This version of the application has seen some improvements within the core application, including scripting improvements, a glossary function, and floating windows.

The application can import messages from Apple Mail, Claris Emailer and Qualcomm's Eudora. It also supports drag-&-drop import of standard mbox format mailboxes. Mbox is a common format for the storage of mail messages. The application also includes a pre-defined menu option and filter action called “Report to SpamCop”. This sends a copy of selected messages to an assigned spam-reporting address.

Other features include improved message sorting, support for draft messages, text translation of HTML messages, random signature support, enhanced contextual menus, multiple POP monitor windows, and the ability to view image- and movie-attachments in separate windows.

Rich Siegel, president and CEO of Bare Bones Software, said: “Mailsmith offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility and customization with very powerful editing, filtering, and searching options.”

The application costs $99. For a limited time, Bare Bones is offering the product for $69 for orders through the company’s Web site. Upgrading costs $39, though registered customers who purchased the application in 2002 will automatically be sent a free upgrade CD starting in three weeks.