An auction of Macs and Mac peripherals takes place in Manchester tomorrow, following the collapse of a local computer distributor before Christmas.

The liquidator for the company's assets, Robson Kay, has published a page detailing what is available – though accompanying notes state that in order to bid, buyers must have seen the equipment and must bid in person.

Interested parties hoping to bid can view what is available between 12pm and 4.30 pm today and from 10am tomorrow. The auction begins at 11am tomorrow.

An enormous quantity of items are being offered in this extensive collection: iPods, Xserves, 14 G5 PowerMacs, Mac monitors, iMacs, eMacs, iBooks and PowerBooks, Apple monitors and dual-boot G4 Power Macs and a host of third-party peripherals and software products.

A complete catalogue is available for download from the company. Prospective bidders must buy a hard copy of the catalogue (£1) to gain admission to the auction, and must also pass over a refundable cash/credit card deposit of £200.