Podcasting won't become truly mainstream until technology appears that makes creating and publishing them accessible.

Wall Street Journal technology correspondent Walt Mossberg argues the point in his column.

He compares the ease with which users can create online blogs with the relative complexity of creating podcasts to support his point.

"The bad news is that neither Apple nor anyone else has made it nearly as simple to create a podcast and get it online as it is to create and post a text and photo blog. Until that happens, podcasting won't be truly mainstream," he writes.

Configuration and hosting problems remain

Working with a colleague, he set out to create a podcast using both a Mac and a Windows system. "This involved configuration and file conversion steps that were a pain," he writes.

He also describes problems finding hosting places for the podcasts they built, and recommends GarageBand.com for its free hosting, but again describes relative complexity doing so.

Mossberg then made his podcast available through Apple's iTunes service. "My podcast took four days to show up in iTunes," he writes, though his colleagues transmission, "still hasn't been cleared for listening," he said.

Mossberg's conclusion: "It's still way too complicated for the average user to create a podcast. Apple has solved one part of the problem, but more solutions are needed."