Software consultants Toasted Marshmallow has released the third public beta version of MarshmallowLibrarian, its documentation search engine for Mac OS X.

The company specializes in Cocoa and OpenStep consulting, and is developing a number of Mac OS X applications designed to add value to Mac OS X systems. Applications in development include MarshmallowDraw, MarshmallowMode and MarshmallowLibrarian. The company has also made available full-working versions of mpegToaster (a fast MP3 player); EPSImageFilter (an EPS-to-PDF conversion filter); and psToaster (that converts PostScript and EPS images into PDFs which can be handled natively by Mac OS X).

MarshmallowLibrarian lets users search documentation fast. It takes advantage of the multi-threading of OS X, and is capable of searching even while creating an index.

The latest beta supports fast searching, phrase, prefix and Boolean searching, and can add files to the bookshelf using drag-&-drop, or through the file menu.

MarshmallowDraw is a simple drawing-program for OS X, while MarshmallowMode offers an advanced multi-threaded file system browser for OS X.