Destineer's newly acquired MacSoft unit will release its forthcoming title Master of Orion III for Mac on March 19, the company revealed last night.

The release comes just three weeks after the Windows version of the game shipped. It's possible the UK shipping date may lag behind, said UK distributor Softline.

MacSoft general manager Al Schilling said: "The Windows version of Master of Orion III just launched and is selling spectacularly well. We're thrilled to see the same level of excitement for the Mac version, as one of the best games ever available for the Mac gets its long-awaited sequel."

Master of Orion III is the sequel to one of the best-loved space strategy games ever. Players become the controller of a galactic civilization using a variety of different political models as they struggle to become master of the Orion solar system.

This is a turn-based strategy game with real-time space battles. Players must gather resources while exploring the solar system and battling hostile alien races. They must focus on research, ship design and interact with 16 different alien races. They can use espionage, political subterfuge and revolts, assassination and galactic warfare as they work to satisfy their drive for power.

Both single and multiplayer games are supported. The title requires a Mac with 350MHz or faster G3/G4 processors, 128MB RAM, and 40MB of drive space. It will cost £39.99.