Mathematica for Mac OS X has been released by Wolfram Research.

This is a fully OS X-native version of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed scientific application. Because it takes full advantage of the underlying strengths of Mac OS X, this version of the application offers significant speed gains and better stability than has been available in the application before.

Mathematica 4.1 for X is a software solution for calculus. The currently available version 4.1 offers "greatly enhanced symbolic-differential-equation solvers and dramatic speed increases for statistical functions". It's also widely used in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Mach speed Theodore Gray, Wolfram Research co-founder and chief Mathematica architect, said: "The Mach 3.0 kernel and Unix-like foundation of Mac OS X allows this version of Mathematica to far surpass older Mac versions of the application in speed, scalability and the ability to handle calculations requiring open-ended amounts of memory. Mac OS X is the first true workstation operating system deployed as a personal-computer operating system."

The developer has been running a variety of OS X builds of the application for three years internally, and it has worked closely with Apple to optimize their performance. "Mathematica 4.1 running on Mac OS X has the makings of a remarkable environment for scientific computing. It is a no-compromise combination of speed, stability, capability, and ease," said Gray.

Mathematica 4.1 costs £1,190.