Wolfram Research has released CalculationCenter 2, its updated calculation tool.

This version offers new functionality and communication capabilities, and adds analytical distribution functions for standard statistical distributions. This lets users develop statistical models to describe random behaviour. These models can be compared to data to assess data parameters, and will generate random simulation-data to test statistical probabilities in given scenarios.

Critical maths The application’s built-in error-correction technology has been enhanced, with a number of ease-of-use features built to ease the migration from Microsoft Excel or Mathsoft’s Mathcad. Type or paste-in a formula containing an Excel or a Mathcad function, for example, and CalculationCenter will suggest either the equivalent or the closest function available, updating the formula with the click of a button.

Other new features include the addition of MathML 2.0 support. MathML is an XML-based open standard for publishing and updating mathematical and scientific content online.

New graphic types, 3D file-format support, the ability to import CalculationCenter notebooks, and a series of fast data-analysis algorithms also appear in this release.

The application costs £260, and is available for Mac and Windows systems.