Matrox is offering Apple's Final Cut Pro with its RTMac video-editing card at a discounted rate.

The deal extends to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. RTMac bundled with Final Cut pro costs £1,379 excluding VAT. The two would normally cost £1,405.

"This bundle presents editors with great value for money. By offering all the elements of the editing/authoring mix as a bundle, users benefit from a one-stop shop for their content creation systems," said Nabil Tarazi, Matrox's vice president for Europe.

Oren Ziv, Apple's director of creative markets, Europe, said: "The combination of Apple's Final Cut Pro with Matrox's RTMac forms a complete system for real-time digital-content creation and delivery."

RTMac is a hardware solution for video that is custom built and optimized for G4 Power Macintoshs. It lets video authors work with three layers of video and graphics in real time, and create broadcast-quality effects instantly. It adds analogue-video capture and output to the Mac. It also permits source material from analogue devices, such as video cameras or VCRs to be digitized. Other features include full-resolution viewing on video monitors and dual-screen video editing. Its usual price is £699.