Maxtor has announced the availability of its new OneTouch Personal Storage 5000 family, which allows users to backup files and applications on their computer with the push of one button. Maxtor is targeting consumers who want to safeguard their personal, business and family files, pictures, music, and digital video clips.

The Personal Storage 5000 models are equipped with both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces. The 5000LE features an 80GB 5,400rpm disk; the 5000DV has a 120GB 7,200rpm drive; and the 5000LE boasts a 250GB 5,400rpm hard drive.

The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 come with Dantz Retrospect Express software to easily customize options for automatic or manually activated data backup and restores. When Dantz Retrospect is initiated, the backup process is seamless, so it doesn’t interrupt the user’s workflow.

Painless backup "Maxtor's 5000 Family enables the backup copy process to be immediate and painless," said Dave Reinsel, research manager with IDC.

"Peace of mind, control and security of their digital data are important to home users, creative professionals and small business owners alike," said Tex Schenkkan, senior vice president, consumer electronics and business development at Maxtor. "The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT, 5000DV and 5000LE take the hassle out of backing up files as part of an overall data backup and protection strategy. They allow customers to simplify the process with the touch of a button, and have the capacity to store copies of all their data in one place for easy access."

The suggested retail price for the 5000XT (250GB) is US$399.95, the 5000DV (120GB) is $299.95 and the 5000LE (80GB) is $199.95. UK prices have not yet been announced.