Alias|Wavefront will ship Maya Complete 4.5 for the Mac on September 23, the company has announced.

New features include advanced modelling functionality that was previously restricted to Maya Unlimited. These brings to Complete 4.5 NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) tools and hierarchical division of surfaces, as well as improved texturing-options for such surfaces. The feature also lets users convert between geometry types.

The Maya renderer introduces volume lighting, as well as ramp-shader lighting effects. Alias|Wavefront has also introduced a selection of improvements specifically for games and Web-3D specialists in this version. These include new polygonal mesh and editing tools, offering a redesigned UV unwrap interface.

Alias|Wavefront product development general manager Bob Bennett said: "In achieving version parity with Maya Complete for OS X, we’ve answered the need of the Mac community. Our beta sites have been raving about the new features of Maya Complete 4.5 and you’ll see the results in forthcoming movies, commercials and video games."

Apple's head of developer technologies Richard Kerris told an Apple Expo audience last Tuesday: "Since the release of Maya for OS X, Mac sales have grown to become 25 per cent of the total sales for the product."

Kerris, who formerly led the project to bring Maya to the Mac, added: "It's a fun time to be on 3D on the Mac."

Maya Complete 4.5 costs £1,449, with upgrades costing £507. It is already shipping for Windows, Irix and Linux systems.