Alias|Wavefront has updated Maya Complete to run under Mac OS X v10.1.1

The upgrade is available free of charge to all Maya 3.5 customers.

Andrew Pearce, director of Maya technologies, said: "Having Maya 3.5.1 qualified on Mac OS X v10.1.1 not only enables our customers to take advantage of the latest improvements to the operating system, it allows them more options in graphics cards qualified for Maya.

"We're committed to the Mac platform and have worked hard to get this update out as quickly as possible after the initial release of the product."

Laurent Briet, a visual effects supervisor, said: "Maya for Mac OS X integrates well into our Mac-based production pipeline. We love the fact that we can produce an entire project, incorporating sophisticated 3D-animation, on a single platform. Now, with Maya 3.5.1, we will have greater flexibility in our Maya-qualified Mac configurations, including support for new graphics cards. The result will be enhanced overall performance."

New graphics cards supported under Maya 3.5.1 include ATI Mobility, Radeon, Nvidia GeForce2 MX and Nvidia GeForce3. The retail price of Maya Complete for Mac OS X is £6,360.