Alias|Wavefront has announced that it is shipping Maya for Mac OS X, priced £6,360.

It is rumoured that the company was set to make the announcement at Apple Expo, Paris, but the event was cancelled by Apple in the wake of the terrorist attacks upon America.

Maya for Mac OS X is the first release of the 3D animation and effects software package for Mac OS X. Features include support for QuickTime and an Aquafied interface.

Those ordering the Carbonized Maya before December 31 will receive 12 months of free product upgrades and support.

Mark Sylvester, Alias|Wavefront spokesman, said: "OS X provides the kind of powerful, open environment Maya users demand, as well as a user interface that artists love. Apple has done a tremendous job of implementing its support for Open GL and we can’t wait to see what the Mac graphics-community is going to be able to do with Maya once it’s available to them."