Former Beatle Paul McCartney has reached an exclusive deal with AOL Music.

The service will offer a digital exclusive - access to McCartney’s forthcoming single, “Fine Line” for 24-hours the day before the single ships. Fans will be able to listen to "Fine Line" online beginning Tuesday July 26 at 12:01am EST (5.01am, UK time).

McCartney’s single is taken from his new studio album, “Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard”, which ships in mid-September.

The artist - who as a member of the board of Apple Corp. is currently pursuing Apple Computer through the courts alleging trademark abuse - is also notoriously suspicious of digital music services.

There are no tracks by The Beatles and very few tracks by McCartney available through legitimate download services.

This absence of legally-available catalogue could be considered to drive fans of the music of one of the biggest-selling bands of all time toward illegitimate file-sharing services (or record shops).

Most recently, the McCartney/Bono opening track for Live 8 (“Sergeant Pepper”) was released as a digital exclusive, quickly climbing vendor’s digital music charts.