Media 100 is working with Intel Internet Media Services to develop a high-bandwidth, hosting service for Internet broadcasters.

Intel will work with Media 100's streaming media-services division - Streamriver Networks - to develop a streaming-media hosting infrastructure, based in Media 100's San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York offices.

John Molinari, Media 100's CEO, said: "To deliver industry-defining streaming media services, you need an infrastructure that can exceed client's expectations."

Partners Intel Internet Media services is a division of Intel aiming to become a leading supplier of streaming-media solutions. The division is already working with Macromedia to develop a next-generation Shockwave Player.

Intel is making moves to seize a share of this expanding market, according to analysts. Its looking at the impact of convergence and the erosion of the differences between different media, as the Internet becomes powerful enough to transmit TV pictures.

Media 100 supports all the major streaming formats, and supplies a range of streaming-media solutions, from image creation to image delivery.

Streamriver Networks services a range of high-profile clients, including MTV Online, Sony and Warner Brothers Records.