Media 100 will ship Media 100 iV8 for Mac OS X this summer.

The application – currently in alpha testing – received its worldwide debut at Macworld Expo, San Francisco 2002. Media 100 i is for video professionals and content designers. The application was also on exhibit at the UK's Video Forum, 2002, last week.

This version incorporates a new user-interface, based on Aqua. Media 100 i V8 was designed with a new driver, middleware and modernized interface-architecture that exploits OS X and Aqua interface usability improvements.

Mike Savello, vice president of Dual Stream Systems for Media 100 said: "We spoke to Apple back in 1999 and knew OS X was going to be a big release and one of the most exciting releases in a long time."

The release offers a number of new features, Savello, explained: "We’ve engineered V8 from the ground up, with its roots in native OS X code to ensure that our systems take full advantage of the workflow and performance enhancements embedded in OS X."

Media 100 iV8 enables video composites to be drafted directly into the timeline using this version's new graphics-layers support.

Video composites can then be exported to Adobe After Effects or other effects apps for fine-tuning, returning to Media 100 iV8's timeline using InstantMedia technology.

Audio-track mixing and processing features now support 24 simultaneous real-time tracks. Audio reverb and dynamics processing effects are also available in this version.

Video data can be captured as lossless streams for better image quality, and preserve disk space via the system's Serial Digital Interface.

Media 100 is also introducing Wave Arts Dynamics Suite and MasterVerb algorithms to the application.

The Wave Arts dynamics suite includes a compressor, peak limiter and noise gate, and is designed to do both track processing pre-mixer and master processing.

At the track level, the dynamics processors offer noise gating, de-essing and compression for dialogue, sound effects, and music.

At the master level, the dynamics processors provide mastering compression, limiting, and loudness maximization.

Wave Arts MasterVerb is a professional quality stereo reverb with a "natural" sound and "smooth" decay, according to the company.

Media 100 iV8 will be available in four different system configurations. The fully featured version Media 100 i/xr costs £11,295; Media 100 i/xs is £7,495; Media 100 i/lx retails for £3,795; the basic configuration Media 100 i/le costs £2,295.

Upgrades will be available to the company's Platinum Software Update subscribers.