Media 100 subsidiary Terran Interactive has announced Cleaner 5, its complete camera-to-Web streaming-media solution.

Cleaner 5 lets designers embed interactive-multidimensional instructions directly into streaming-media content, to help create interactive Internet-video programs.

John Molinari, Media 100’s CEO, said: "Cleaner 5 presents a valuable proposition for the Web designer, or Internet broadcaster, hoping to create a new Internet experience using streaming media as the catalyst for innovation and interactivity."

Production method The software uses four main steps, Capture, Author, Encode and Publish. This means filmmakers can capture an image, edit and encode it and then publish direct to the Web, all through a single application.

Cleaner 5 can import from any DV camcorder. The application integrates with Media 100i and iFinish, it also works with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

The application makes use of EventStream technology, which lets designers create streaming media that can control all the elements of a Web site. It enables interactive instructions to be encoded directly into streaming-media programmes, and supports both Flash and Java applications.

Support Cleaner 5 supports all the major streaming formats, including RealSystem, Windows Media, QuickTime, MP3, AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.

Cleaner 5 is also capable of publishing finished content directly to a Web server from within the application. This is ideal in time-critical Webcast situations.

Terran also announced that Cleaner 5 is to be an integral component in Media 100’s future streaming-media systems, software and service offerings.

The £399 application will ship in October.