Media 100 has announced Media 100 i, the world’s first interactive streaming production solution.

Rob Pickering, UK region managing director, Media 100, said: "I feel this is one of those very rare steps forward, like Macromedia’s launch of Flash. Video over Internet protocol is the way forward."

Media 100 i is the first in a new category of streaming-media solutions. It will let Internet broadcasters, Web designers and digital-content creators author interactive content.

The software includes interactive streaming technology, EventStream, that lets Web designers embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming-media programs. The instructions can trigger visual content, including graphics, Flash animations and Java applications – all synchronised by the streaming video on the site. The program can create hot spots and URL links.

John Molinari, CEO of Media 100, said: "Media 100 i is unlocking infinite opportunities for Web developers - we’ve created the future of Web site design."

Caren Anhder, product line manager for Media 100 i, said: "With Media 100 i, users can click on Tom Cruise’s sunglasses and buy them online."

The program lets users capture, edit, add special effects, author, encode, compress and publish streaming-media content.

The program can create Hot spots - areas of a video that viewers can click on to trigger other actions while the video is playing. Triggered effects to retrieve data and text relevant to the video can also be programmed during the edit.

Media 100 i features workflow- and workgroup-management capabilities. Other features include the ability to layer graphics separately for higher-quality streaming, and compatibility with all major streaming formats - including QuickTime, Windows Media and Real’s solutions. Video can be acquired and delivered in any format, including DV, SDSI, component, S-video and composite video. Production tasks can also be automated with customized AppleScripts.

The Media 100 i will be available in autumn, and comprises four new interactive streaming production solutions. The i/xr costs £12,495, the i/xs £8,995, the i/lx £5,495 and the i/DV £2,495.