Media 100 and Digital Origin have joined forces in a strategic alliance of technology and Internet innovators, reports MacCentral.

The companies intend finding simple streaming media solutions, and hope to help accelerate the take-up of digital-video and streaming-media technologies. Joining the group are Canon, Beatnik and Kensington Digital Fridge. All five companies are involved in the initiative.

iCanStream is the first Web site dedicated to teaching new and experienced video enthusiasts the essentials of streaming media for the Web.

Digital Origin has recently released FreeDV, a digital video editing solution that is available for download at no charge from the site. FreeDV lets users experiment with drag-&-drop video editing, titles and transitions. The software also has built-in video compression to help users format video for Web streaming. Sadly, the software is PC only, and a Mac port has yet to be announced.

The site is split into four main themes; Shoot, Edit, Compress and Publish.