Media 100 has introduced a Mac OS X native version of its Final Effects Complete plug-ins.

The plug-in collection is compatible with OS X versions of Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid Xpress DV and Media 100i systems.

It consists of 100 software plug-in filters and transitions that generate "Hollywood-style" special effects, says Media 100. The company hopes the release will become an indispensable tool for nonlinear digital-video editors.

Media 100 vice president Mike Savello explained: "Final Effects Complete is a complement to Media 100i Version 8 for OS X. For the first time, the Final Effects plug-ins can be accessed directly from within Final Cut Pro, which broadens the market opportunity."

Final Effects Complete can generate fully featured 2D- and 3D-particle animations directly from within digital-media solutions, such as the applications listed above. The filters let editors generate rain, snow, fire, smoke, ball behaviour, explosions, distortions, jet trails, hair, liquid-mercury distortions, spotlights, colour transitions and other high-quality effects.

The product costs £585 in the US, and should ship before the end of the year. Existing Final Effects customers can upgrade to the OS X version for $249 directly from Media 100. The company is offering the solution at a special price (£515) until February 21, 2003.