InfoWorld is carrying a report examining Apple's continued innovations and the apparent blind spot some publications have in reporting them.

"I ran into a story in a business publication I generally respect, warning Apple that it faces an uncertain future if it doesn't innovate soon," writes author Tom Yager. "Is Apple really in danger because it hasn't made a major new product announcement in the past 30 days? If that's true, the industry is on a tighter release schedule than I thought," he writes.

"There is no lack of innovation at Apple; most competitors fare poorly by comparison. Apple is sticking to its message (dare I say vision?) with such focus that it drives some paid observers crazy," he explains.

The report looks at recent activity in the Mac market, concluding that Microsoft's acquisition of Connectix Virtual PC will "do Apple more good than harm". He also looks at Apple's recently announced Power Mac power supply exchange programme as an example of affirmative action by the company. "When silent, cool, efficient computers become the norm, I'll have one less issue to harp on about," he writes.

Apple's place as an innovator within the industry means Yager "frequently finds Apple to be a good metaphor for what?s going on in the tech industry". He adds: "More than most companies I deal with, Apple is willing to take huge risks to respond to and evolve the markets it serves.

"Apple is a company to watch, because studying Apple will help you understand the rest of the industry so much better."