FireLogic has released the first of a family of healthcare products based on its HealthEngage Technology platform.

HealthEngage-Asthma is a record-keeping solution that helps patients keep track of their attacks and their intake of medication.

Information gathered is held on HealthEngage's server and can be viewed remotely by a doctor or patient.

Chronically ill The company claims the application is an extension of Apple's "digital hub" concept, and could enhance the quality of life for many chronically ill patients. Michael Slage, FireLogic's president, said: "The idea of a digital hub outlined by Steve Jobs at Macworld does not have to be confined to entertainment. Those who suffer from chronic disease, hypertension, and diabetes must regularly use medical devices in their homes."

The solution is Java and wireless Web compatible. It has been designed to collect, store and chart vital health data, and runs using Mac OS Runtime for Java. The company will release a Mac OS X compliant version when OS X is released.

Future versions of the HealthEngage will include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Weight Loss/Fitness Management. A fully-functioning time-limited demo of the application is available from HealthEngage. The full app costs $39.99.

FireLogic has not yet announced its plans for a UK roll-out of the product.