Apple has published a report explaining how leading surgeones at Great Ormond Street hospital are using its technologies in open-heart surgery.

It appears surgeons at the hospital are turning to Macs running Final Cut Studio to create, edit and share films of open-heart operations.

Professor Martin Elliott explains how the technique is furthering knowledge and practice in the field of congenital heart disease, the report explains.

"When you’re learning, you stand opposite the surgeon and you can only see the heart by leaning over. From that view, you see it upside down and back to front. If I want to teach you a procedure, I have to assume you’ve learned enough to do it the other way round, and that’s a big risk for a baby”.

The report explains how footage is captured using head-worn video cameras, then edited in iMovie or Final Cut for later editing and screening as a teaching aid.

The eventual aim is to build an, "online encyclopaedic resource that links heart condition and appropriate treatment to informative images and movies," the report adds.