Memtek Products - famous for its Memorex audio-tapes brand name – is entering the CompactFlash removable memory-card market.

The company will begin shipping 8MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB CompactFlash cards to US retailers in February, it announced at Comdex.

Mextek’s move was sparked by the ever-growing CompactFlash market, which has been fuelled by sales of digital cameras and MP3 music players. The Memorex CompactFlash card can also be used with handheld PCs and laptops, said Maggie Chen, product manager for Memtek.

CompactFlash cards are smaller and more durable than other storage solutions, and the data transfer rate of 10MB in 20 seconds is faster than other traditional storage solutions, Chen said.

The cards will sell for $3 per megabyte initially, but Chen said prices are expected to fall by 15 per cent each quarter.

Joseph Grasso, Memtek marketing communications manager, said Memorex was in the market for audio and video tapes when they were the standard formats.

"Now we're here for all the computer convergence," he said. "We're ready for media for the masses."