Caifornia-based MetaCreations has closed its European offices as part of a move to sell-off its graphics products.

The European offices in the UK, Germany and France, closed for business on 31 December 1999. The company would not disclose how many jobs have been scrapped.

The closure follows the company’s decision - announced in December - to sell off its graphics products and focus on “e-commerce visualization solutions” for the Internet.

Doubt still surrounds the fate of MetaCreations’ graphics-tools range. Industry insiders see the situation as a 'mess', particularly in view of the company's eleventh hour cancellation of its stand at Macworld Expo.

Michael Marzy, MetaCreations’ vice president sales and marketing said: “We will undertake discussions regarding the sale of our graphics products and until such time as all negotiationas are finalized, products will be available through the current distribution channels. Continued technical support will be available across the whole product range.”