Yet another online music-store has been launched, this time by the Metro newspaper, and this time claiming to be compatible with both Mac and PC.

However, it has emerged that Metro's music download site uses Windows Media with its DRM, and is therefore not compatible with the iPod or iTunes. On the site it specifies: "You must have a PC running Windows 98 or above with Windows Media Player 7 or above. We recommend Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9."

The site goes on to explain: "Unfortunately at the moment, no – this is due to the DRM technology in operation. We hope to be able to offer these downloads to Macs in the future."

Although downloads will not work with Apple's software, Metro indicates that "you can burn the tracks to a CD and use Apple iTunes to transfer from CD onto your iPod."


According to the Metro, 72 per cent of "city folk aged between 18 and 44" download music from the Internet. "Twice the national average", points out the newspaper.

Metro claims that its store is the first such "permanent" venture by a national newspaper. The site will be offered in conjunction with Affinity Music. boasts that it will provide a catalogue of tracks based on the tastes of Metro readers.

It will be possible to purchase music via SMS as well as by credit card payment.

The site will offer tunes at 192kbits quality – beating iTunes' standard 128kbits feed.

MetroTunes offers single tracks for 99p and albums for £7.99. Apple offers iTunes at 79p a track.