Metrowerks have released CodeWarrior for Java version 5.0, its Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for the Java platform.

The RAD tools offer developers a graphics-layout editor, that lets them build a graphical user interface for their Java programs. It also features fast drag-&-drop technology. These tools also make it easier for beginner and intermediate developers to take advantage of CodeWarrior's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - previous releases were only targeted at advanced users.

The application includes "wizards" that help users through the creation of Java applets, applications, and JavaBeans. It works on a multitude of host platforms, including the Mac. It permits remote debugging of applications across networked computers, which means that Java applications developed with CodeWarrior will work for virtually all machines.

CodeWarrior Professional 5.0 for Java costs £115. Metrowerks will be opening UK offices soon.