Microsoft has announced Office 2001 for the Mac, due out in the second half of the year.

As well as new versions of the usual applications found in Office, Office 2001 introduces a new integrated email and personal information manager.

This new application features Word-like email-editing tools and automated reminders, and an Address Book, Calendar and Task list that can be accessed from any Office application.

Some features in this application are Mac-first. The Custom Views feature, for example, lets users personalize the way they want to see information such as unread email messages, or information from the Address Book, Calendar and Task List.

The new Address Book includes a Summary view, which displays all contact information at a glance, and an AutoComplete feature that saves the most recently-used addresses. Other features include integration with Microsoft's Encarta World English Dictionary - accessible from a contextual menu – and synchronization with Palm organizers and MSN Hotmail accounts.

Microsoft has not yet specified an exact shipping date or pricing for the package.