Microsoft today filed its official appeal against the European Commission's competition decision earlier this year.

"Yes, we have filed the appeal with the Court in Luxembourg and the request for a temporary injunction, which is a separate issue, will come within the next few days or weeks," said Tom Brookes, Microsoft's spokesman in Brussels.

The request to stay the measures imposed by the Commission will be filed with the Court of First Instance.

"The Commission’s decision undermines the innovative efforts of successful companies, imposing significant new obligations on successful companies to license their proprietary technology to competitors, and restrict companies’ ability to add innovative improvements to their products.

"The legal standards set by the Commission’s Decision significantly alter incentives for research and development that are important to global economic growth," said Horacio Gutierrez, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) in a statement.

Amelia Torres, competition commissioner Mario Monti's spokeswoman said there will be no official comment on the filing of Microsoft's appeal.