One-in-three Australian business users blame Microsoft for this week's worm outbreak, a poll reveals.

ZDNet Australia reports the news, though it does stress Microsoft's immediate efforts to deal with the problems when they emerged.

Citing an informal online poll by security specialist, Sophos, it reports that 35 per cent of respondents hold the Redmond giant to blame; 45 per cent blame the virus writers while 20 per cent blame their system administrators.

'Nothing is completely safe'

Graham Cluley, Sophos senior technology consultant, said: "What is most surprising is that so many people blame Microsoft for having the software flaw in the first place."

Microsoft responded that no software is 100 per cent secure, and pointed to the company's massive efforts to beef-up software security in recent years.

But Macs are safer

Earlier this week, a survey from Consumer Reports confirmed Macs to be far safer than Windows machines when connected to the Internet.

However, the remit of the poll did not describe the problems faced by the 20 per cent of Mac users who reported detecting a virus in the past two years. It's possible this related to Windows viruses turning up in their email boxes, but this wasn't confirmed.