Microsoft has updated its tools set designed to give Unix users a hand in moving to Windows.

Version 3.0 of Microsoft’s Services for Unix suite, designed to aid companies migrating Unix applications and legacy systems to Windows, will be available for purchase by the end of June, Microsoft said.

Services for Unix Version 3.0 adds support for NFS (Network File System), a Unix file-sharing protocol. Such support enables Windows clients and servers to access files and data stored on Unix servers. Additionally, Services for Unix 3.0 allows Windows customers to use Microsoft’s Active Directory server software to manage and interoperate with Unix directories through the NIS (Native Information System) server.

Doug Miller, director of Unix migration strategy at Microsoft, said: “We’re seeing a lot of interest from customers moving off expensive legacy hardware to the Intel platform. As they look to go from Unix to Windows, they need to be able to exploit their investments in Unix and leverage existing code.”